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DIY Quality Deer Management (QDM)

The string of bucks waltzing past my stand was incredible on this late-season hunt. A snow storm was forecast for overnight and apparently, the local deer had heard the weather report. On this afternoon hunt, it seemed every deer in the area was on their feet and either feeding or moving toward food sources in […]

Chasing a Legend

Probably the most admired record amongst today’s bowhunters is Mel Johnson’s world-record typical whitetail which was killed over 50 years ago. On the evening of October 29, 1965, Mel was sitting along the edge of a soybean field in Peoria County, Illinois when a giant buck showed up. A well-placed arrow tipped with a Zwickey […]

Bucks in the Tall Grass

The ride on the ATV to my hunting area was brutal, to put it mildly. Just being outside in temperatures that are below zero is tough enough but riding in an open vehicle under such conditions will make anyone question their own sanity! With only a week left in the Illinois archery season, it was […]

A Beginners Guide to Food Plots

The food plot craze has caught on in the whitetail hunting community in a big way. It seems as if almost everyone that hunts deer is also planting food plots … or at least they want to plant food plots! Most deer hunters are not farmers and thus lack even a basic understanding of the […]