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Chasing 200 Contest

Have a Chance to Guess the BnC Score of Don’s Next Big Buck

About The Chasing 200 Contest

During 2023 Don Higgins is going to be chasing a very special buck and the members of the Whitetail Master Academy will be taken along via video every step of the way. See in real time, the work, dedication and discipline needed to harvest world class whitetails. To add to the interest and excitement of this new video series, we will hold three different contests!
First, this special buck needs a name. Submit your name idea for this buck and if Don chooses your entry, you will be our first winner. In case of multiple entries with the same submission, the person who submits their entry first will be the winner. Deadline to submit your entry for this contest is April 30, 2023. 
The second part of our contest is for members to guess the gross Boone & Crockett antler score of this buck should Don harvest him this fall (2023). This portion of the contest will run from May 1 – July 10, 2023. Your guess should be to the nearest 1/8″. In case of multiple duplicate entries, the person who submits the first entry will be the winner.
The next contest is for Whitetail Master Academy members to guess the date and time that Don shoots this buck. (IF he shoots this buck!) The person who guesses closest to the actual date and time will be our next winner. In case of a tie, the person who submits their guess first is the winner. This portion of the contest is from July 11, 2023 to September 15, 2023.
The 3 winners of this contest will spend a weekend together with Don Higgins at his home farm in March of 2024 as his special guest. Activities will include deer scouting, a shed antler hunt and other “whitetail activities” along with good food and entertainment. It will definitely be a weekend to remember, full of whitetail lessons and new friendships.

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