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Build an Invisible Fence Around Your Deer Hunting Property

By Don Higgins “If I don’t shoot him, the neighbors will!” How many times have you heard this from someone who just shot a buck smaller than their real goal? It is the universal excuse for an itchy trigger finger. I often tell those attending my seminars to “don’t be that neighbor!” In all seriousness, […]

Harvesting Big Bucks on Small Hunting Properties

By Don Higgins The clock was ticking down on the 2007 archery whitetail season, so with an unfilled buck tag in my pocket, my efforts had to be calculated and precise. After this hunt, there would be a single day left in the season and I would be forced into “scouting mode” for nearly 9 […]

Hunting Big Bucks After the Gun Season!

By Don Higgins With the early Illinois firearms season ending the day before, I headed to my afternoon stand with the discouragement borne from years of failure when hunting this part of the archery season. I had long ago given up hunting whitetails with a gun but my success as an archery hunter in that […]