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Video Training Categories

Whitetail 101

Basic Membership

This video series is aimed at helping the greenest beginner get off to a fast start. Too often the information shared by various outlets is geared towards a deer hunter with some degree of experience. This category is designed to help the newbie who has never hunted deer before. While these very basic videos are geared towards someone just starting out, veteran hunters are also likely to pick up some pointers.

All Things Whitetail

Basic Membership

This miscellaneous category includes a wide variety of topics related to deer hunting including taxidermy, processing deer, filming your hunts, gear reviews, etc. In fact the possibilities of topics are endless and we want to hear from you regarding any deer hunting related topic that you would like to see covered. We will leave no stone unturned as we search for new topics to cover.


Basic Membership

Don Higgins and his crew film their hunts and share these videos with you here in this category. These videos are be geared towards both entertainment as well as education. These hunts/videos not only lend credibility to the info we are sharing across this entire platform but also educate you on what it takes to be successful as we break down each hunt in detail. You will then be able to apply the lessons learned to your own situation.

Whitetail Land Management

Basic Membership

This series details land management practices to help you grow better food plots, create better bedding cover, lay out your property, understand whitetail nutrition, grow bigger bucks and a whole lot more. The internet is full of “how-to” videos made by those who have ideas but cannot back them with proven big buck kills. Don backs up everything he shares in this section with actual Mature buck encounters and harvests.

Hunting Tips and Tactics

Basic Membership

These videos in this section detail the tactics and approach that Don uses to kill mature bucks on a consistent basis. These tips will work on any property whether public or private and in any state. What you learn in this section will make you a better hunter for the rest of your life and put good bucks on your wall. These are not basic tips to kill average bucks but out-of-the-box ideas to help you kill the toughest bucks in the woods.

Chasing 200 "The Journey"

Basic Membership

Hunting Property designs

This category breaks down actual properties that Don has been hired to consult on. Follow along from the beginning as Don dissects a property, telling what he likes and does not like about each one and then see a detailed aerial view of Dons final plan and listen as he explains why he is making each suggestion. At some point you are likely to see a property very similar to your own property and apply some of the basic premises of Dons approach to designing a plan for a property.

Tree-stand strategies

These videos are filmed at Dons very own stand sites to show you a firsthand look at what factors he looks for when selecting stand locations for mature bucks. We will show the area from the air as well as actual footage from the stand. Don will detail access routes to each stand, how he plays the wind and how the bucks are using the wind as they pass within bow-range. These eye-opening videos detail what makes a good stand location and help you pick better stand sites no matter where you hunt.

Input From The Pros

In this section Don Higgins will interview whitetail experts on various topics related to their specific field of expertise. These interviews will be with professional biologists, land managers and elite whitetail hunters. As you will see, these are not basic interviews with generic questions asked by uninformed hosts as is commonly found on many  podcasts and other platforms today. Don knows the hard-hitting questions to ask in order to pull new and detailed info out for the listener to digest.

Don's New 40 Acres - From Start To Success

In this video category we are going to detail the entire process of developing Dons new 40-acre property, first showing it as it was the day he acquired it and the detailing each project that will take it to a property capable of producing a mature buck each season. Don believes the property will produce a mature buck within three seasons for either himself or a guest! Will he be proven right? Follow along and see for yourself.

Don Higgins Live

Don Higgins is well-connected within the whitetail hunting and land-management community. In this section of the website, Don interviews people who have specific areas of expertise with well-thought-out questions that lead to though-provoking answers. If you are looking to take your whitetail game to the ultimate level, these interviews will help you get there with a lot of cutting-edge information

Outdoor Filming

This series will cover everything from camera selection to settings, gear, and setup for outdoor filming.  You will learn everything you need to know about filming your hunts.